Carla Lam Art

I wandered far from home to find myself through painting. 

Born in Canada and having lived in New Zealand for a decade, a doctorate in political philosophy and a stable job at the University of Otago was the path to a regular painting practice.

The disorienting experience of immigration to a far-flung country was the catalyst for discovering an undeniable desire to create beyond the academic context.  Since early 2018 I've been based in Canada giving expression to the need for visual communication;  honoring the process of change and following where painting may lead.  

I favor working in oil, creative mark making, and letting the process inform the subject.  I love heavy texture that is luscious to the eye and am particularly interested in the possibilities opened up in large scale work, and what is common to all language (and culture) whether visual, literary, or corporeal.  I believe emotional transmission and connection is the essence of all communication, whether written, spoken, painted or drawn, danced, moved or known by touch.

I have work in private collections in Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.  For more information on my work, collaborations, or to get in touch regarding employment or educational opportunities feel free to contact me.  

For work-in-progress and more frequent posts, follow me on Instagram.

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